Love Book Project

So in my Philosophy of Love class the end project was that everyone in the class had to write a poem and explain it. So I figured why not share what I did.


Star Moon Sun

The sun goes down,
the moon shines bright,
the stars fall from the sky.

When we cry,
the stars shall fall,
the moon shall bleed,
the sun will hide,
behind the clouds that weep.

Love ones are lost,
but also gained,
new ones come,
even when old ones leave.

By JC. Volkman

This poem was written to express the ever changing relationships of love, whether it be love for a friend, lover or ones family. It tells of the feelings of love ones lost and how their loss changes us and the world around us. It makes reference to the many types of love by comparing them to the sunset, moonlight, and the star lite sky. The first stanza of the poem relates to the ebb and flow of love. The line the “sun goes down” refers to the loss of a loved one where as the “moon shines bright” makes note of idea of love that is new and “stars fall from the sky” raises the idea of love dying. The middle verse relates to our feelings when love dies, while the final verse gives us hope that even though we have lost loved ones we can also gain the love of others. The poem is meant to be a reflection of how I comprehend love as it ebbs and flows through the journey of life. Love like life is ever changing for “new ones come, / even when old ones leave”. Just as people we love pass through our lives so does the way we respond to those we love.


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