Criminal Paradigms: Drugs

The four “known sources of crimes” are poverty and inequality, guns, drugs and prison. Poverty and inequality, it is argued is the first stepping stone in most criminal acts. With the combination of the humiliation of poverty and the inequality between the poor’s circumstance and the wealth. This large discrepancy tends to produce a group of individuals who feels left out of society and therefore do “not develop allegiance to its major institutions”. It create a sub-society which feels left out of the loop, alienated and these individuals are therefore more likely to commit crimes against mainstream society.

The buying and selling of guns cheaply is another stepping stone in crime. Guns make it easier to commit crimes and give the individual hold it a false sense of security and a feeling of empowerment over others. Many times the use of guns goes hand in hand with the use of drugs. Individuals who make, distribute, and traffic in drugs or are under the influence of drugs use guns as way in which protect themselves and their product. Those who purchase and use drugs can upon occasion under the influence of them commit crimes to either secure funding to get more or due to the mind altering affects they have on them. Most drugs are addicting and therefore require the individual to purchase larger amounts in order to achieve the same results. This means that the individual’s habit can quickly outsource their available cash and the individual turns to crime to supplement their habit.

The last known source is prison. Prisons are like little sub-society’s with their own rules, politics and bartering/trading systems. Once an individual is in prison, they make alliances with others forming gangs (for protection against other prisoners). The gangs continue to commit crimes within the prison walls and there is a whole trading/bartering system in place which deals with not only protection but drugs and other contraband. Committing crimes whether in or out of prison is the way some individuals distinguish themselves from others within their sub-society. They feel they stand out and are known for the crimes they commit.

One or more of these four sources of crime are the major contributing factors in all crimes committed against mainstream society. Drugs seem to be one which is tied to all the others. Many individuals in the sub-society of poverty turn to drugs to escape what they see as a bleak future in their daily lives, they commit crimes to supplement their income so they can purchase drugs or become involved in the distribution and selling of drugs which in turn can lead to the ownership of a gun (for protection). Many of these individuals get caught committing crimes and are sent to prisons where they continue with their lives of crime only now it is behind bars.


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