Predator 2 (1990)



LAPD lieutenant Mike Harrigan and his self-confident detective partner Jerry Lambert soon realize that what appeared to be a bloody feud between the voodoo high priest King Willie’s Jamaican gangs and Ramon Vega’s Colombian drug gang is really the work of a terrifying third party. Peter Keyes’s federal team safeguards the crime scene even from the LAPD. Though after forensics verifies it must be an alien, who keeps making victims, the chase brings them all together.


The Predator – Kevin Peter Hall

Lieutenant Mike Harrigan – Danny Glover

Danny Archuleta – Ruben Blades

Maria Conchita Alonso – Leona Cantrell

Bill Paxton – Jerry Lambert

Robert Davi – Captain Phil Heinemann

Adam Baldwin – Garber

Kent McCord – Captain B. Pilgrim

Morton Downey Jr. – Tony Pope

Calvin Lockhart  – King Willie

Steve Kahan – Sergeant

Henry Kingi – El Scorpio

Corey Rand – Ramon Vega

Elpidia Carrillo – Anna

Lilyan Chauvin – Irene Edwards

Michael Mark Edmondson – Gold Tooth

Charles Haugk – Charlie

Sylvia Kauders – Ruth

Charles David Richards – Commuter

Julian Reyes – Juan Beltran

Vonte Sweet – Sweet

Ronald Moss – Jerome

Brian Levinson – Brian

Diana James – Leona’s Friend




Why I choose this movie?                       

I choose this movie as I love the predator and alien story lines and so on, so far predator and alien are one of my favourite non-star trek extra-terrestrial. Though this movie is not as close to my heart as the first one it still has a place on my shelf, I would say it is still worth watching. As the drama (what I call drama) is great as is the action.


When Harrigan moves into the building to catch the Colombian gang, the SWAT Sergeant who tries to stop him has 3 stripes on his sleeves but has Staff Sergeant’s stripes on his hat.

The Predator is shown walking with King Willie’s decapitated head and King Willie is screaming. Decapitated heads would not be able to make vocal noise since the lungs moving air over the vocal cords is essential to vocalize.


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