Warmbodies 2013



Okay so basically most of the world’s population are now undead horde. In the movie they focus on R who is a young and oddly introspective zombie. So when fighting with and feeding on what is a human scavenger party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her. What happens next is the start of a weirdly warm relationship, which allows R to regaining his humanity. Of course this change spreads throughout the local undead population like a common virus. Julie and R finally have to face a larger issue, when the very nature of their relationship is tested. So they get caught between the fearful human forces and the aggressive “Bonies” (zombies who are a mutual threat to anything that’s alive). R and Julie have to find a way to tie the differences of each side to fight for a better world no one believed possible.

Cast (Main):

R – Nicholas Hoult

Julie – Teresa Palmer

Nora – Analeigh Tipton

M – Rob Corddry

Perry – Dave Franco

Grigio – John Malkovich

Kevin – Cory Hardrict

Director: Jonathan Levine

Writers: Jonathan Levine (screenplay) and Isaac Marion (novel)

My thoughts on it:

So I loved it! It was funny and not too sappy for me. Loved the zombies and bones. The way they did this made it just wow, basically it’s a zombie Romeo and Juliet.
So far most of my family and friends have all loved it. ^_^
Also love the music from the movie.


What I noticed after re-watching the movie while note taking. Did you notice them too?

So Julie and R are running away from Bonies. They run to and through the parking garage to use the red convertible to get away. As Julie is getting into the car, she grabs the windshield to sling herself in the driver’s seat. Of course since the windshield is dusty, you can see where she grabbed the windshield from all the past takes of filming what I assume to be this scene.

The scene where Julie goes out to the balcony, she leaves the door open just a bit. When Nora interrupts Julie on the balcony, the door that Julie leaves open a crack makes a distinct unlatching sound.


So did you know, when R is talking to Julie outside her house the scene is referencing to the balcony scene of “Romeo and Juliet”.  It even has a similar take on it.

Also those portraying the zombies chose not to blink. I was only after they started to become more human did they start to blink. This leading too many retakes I’m thinking.


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