Fable (XBOX)


Fable takes place in Albion, which is a patchwork of city-states with uncontrolled stretches of plains and forest between them. Though it was once called the Old Kingdom, the entire land was said to have once been led by an ancient royal bloodline, bequeathed with the title of Archon.
The first Archon’s rule was peaceful and prosperous, but the source of his power was an ancient and powerful sword (which was called: the Sword of Aeons) that gradually began to corrupt him and, ultimately, his entire kingdom. By the time the events of the game take place, the world has slowly declined from the days of the Old Kingdom.
One of the most prominent institutions of Albion is the Heroes’ Guild.
The Guild is the core place of learning and training for Heroes, renowned mercenaries that are active in all parts of Albion. Heroes are hired as thieves, soldiers, guards, rescuers, and protectors; the Guild makes no moral ruling on the actions of its Heroes.


Fable was the first game developed by Big Blue Box, a satellite studio of Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead.

Dene and Simon Carter, Big Blue Box’s founders, identified that their first project would have to meet numerous criteria in order to be recognized by game publishers, as they weren’t interested in creating a generic title.

To balance the costs of running a fledgling studio, Molyneux suggested Lionhead ‘satellites’. This is where Big Blue Box would obtain the technology and support of Lionhead, making it possible for Big Blue Box to focus on making the game.

After some struggle in finding a willing publisher, Big Blue Box obtained a contract by Microsoft.

What I thought of the game:

Well I loved it. I had already played it once but playing it again was a treat. The controls are simple and the quests are at your own pace (no time limit yah). The story was great, I may have gone into too much detail in the plot so just a heads up.


We start of the story with the Hero is a child, his village, Oakvale. Which is later raided and destroyed by bandits on his sister’s birthday, the Hero’s entire family perishes. An old hero known as Maze arrives on the scene, rescues the Hero, and sways him to join the Heroes’ Guild to be trained to become a champion. The Hero then disembarks on a journey to learn the reason behind his village’s destruction, discovering his destiny, and the true fate of his family along the way.

As time goes on Maze informs the Hero of a blind seer living among a bandit camp near Oakvale, and recommends the Hero to gain access to the bandit camp. To the Hero’s surprise, the blind seer is actually his older sister Theresa who was taken in by former Hero and the present Bandit King.

As the story goes on in the Hero’s life, after he has increased more acknowledgment among the people of Albion, he is invited to fight in the Arena. This is where he meets a legendary Hero, who is running the arena battles and in the final show issues a challenge against the Hero and his rival and friend.

It sooner or later becomes clear that it was the legendary Hero who destroyed Oakvale during the Hero’s childhood. Aided by the seer, the Hero makes it his mission to defeat the legendary Hero one way or another.
The Hero tracks down his mother, and attempts to rescue her. However, the Hero is captured and spends a year or more in the prison. When he finally escapes with his mother, the Hero attempts to track down legendary Hero.  It is revealed that Maze is a traitor and working with legendary Hero. After defeating Maze, the Hero is led into a final battle with the legendary Hero. The legendary Hero reveals that The Sword of Aeons can only be wielded if it receives the blood of Archon. Upon the death of their mother, the Hero and seer are the only two remaining descendants of Archon, and if the legendary Hero destroys them both the sword will be even more powerful.

It is only after defeating legendary Hero, the Hero must choose whether to keep the Sword of Aeons by killing his sister, or cast it away forever into a portal created by Jack of Blades’ death. Depending on the Hero’s alignment and the player’s choice of using or destroying the sword, there are a total of four different endings. Once the ending credits roll, players can resume their playing.


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